Use EdgeDeflector to Redirect Microsoft Edge links for Windows 10

On the globe, most of the people try to avoid using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer because third-party browsers are providing best service such as- Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Many people are using these browsers because they have gained a lot of users’ trust. These browsers are providing an excellent collection of Extensions. You can download these extensions for free from their Store and get a number of add-ons there. It will increase the overall features of the browser.

If you are a Windows 10 user, and you can use the small search box that is located just beside the Start menu button, it is powered by Cortana, and when you search it,  by default, it will load the search queries on the Microsoft Edge. Alongside, you can also configure your default web browser to something other than Microsoft Edge.

However, it can be annoying that Microsoft tries to force you to use the first party browsers over the users’ choice. But now, you can force the Windows 10 to use your suitable web browser instead of Microsoft Edge using Edge Deflector.

This policy was not present with the initial release of Windows 10, and it came on with the next update where Microsoft hard-coded links in such a way that they would launch in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer by default regardless of which browser is selected as the default one.

This protocol can be changed from the Windows 10.

To modify it, you need to follow the given path:-settings under Settings > Apps > Choose default apps. But you can use it only Microsoft Store download browsers.

How to Use the EdgeDeflector for Windows 10?

The EdgeDeflector is a free app that is designed for Windows 10 users. It will help you to open these links without using Microsoft Edge.

The EdgeDeflector helpful to works in such a way which it registers itself for the hard-coded Microsoft-edge: protocol. In this method, it will work as default software to open these URLs on Windows 10 computer system. By default, it will provide you the query from Windows 10, confirm that where to redirect it as per the users’ selection and then return that query back to Windows 10.

Know How to Force Windows 10 to Use the Preferred Browser Instead of Edge?

  • It is an open-source program and is hosted online on GitHub. To use this, you need to download it first.
  • When you will download and install the latest version of EdgeDeflector then you need to verify if you have selected the EdgeDeflector for the default protocol page in Windows 10 settings.
  • To verify this, open the Settings section and then go to the following path: Apps > Default Apps > Choose Default app by protocol
  • For the protocol labeled as URL: Microsoft-edge verifies if the default app is set to EdgeDeflector.

Now, whenever this type of query is thrown on Windows 10 where the hard-coded protocol needs to be invoked, it will automatically redirect it to EdgeDeflector that will redirect it to the default web browser which is installed on your computer system.

There is no doubt that EdgeDeflector does not run in the background at all. It can be activated and works only when a preferred query is invoked through the user or the operating system. It is able to save a lot of the computer system resources such as- CPU, RAM, and Battery, etc. overall.

Alongside, it is already provided on the GitHub as open-source software and really serves its purpose. And it is also true that there is not much more need to configuration and settings by the user that makes it faster to be running and less difficult to be adopted by a common user.

Besides this, a number of Windows 10 users are don’t want to use any web browsers from Microsoft such as- Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. However, these are able to solve any type of serious issue among a big group of users.

At last, everyone can get this free of cost means without given spend any money. This provides an edge over all of the other solutions that are even already mentioned on the Microsoft Store from third parties, and they are force users to use their resolutions.

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