Some Beneficial Apps for College Students

As a heavily occupied college student, your regular days may involve presenting school project, taking tests, getting together with an advisor and getting done with those savvy assignments and marking your presence in that late evening networking events. Users require tracking so many things at once but worrying not as we have an application for it. Please check these fantastic apps that assist you to stay in form and at the top of your game.

  1. Penultimate

No matter how far has the technology reached; we still miss those days of school when we used to write notes in a notebook. Those days can be revived by using Penultimate which is easy to use handwriting app for iPad. Users will have a feel of using paper with ease of a tab. You will require a stylus that is way affordable.

  1. Evernote

This app is amazing for placing your notes in harmony across many devices. Along with this, it is also an audio recorder. It can also be used for track recording scattered parts of lecture and ideas for a paper of research.

  1. iStudiez Pro

This software is fantastic for determining the assignments and assessing your program. iStudiez may accord along with calendar, notify you when you have a due assignment and will show you your week which is fantastic for the users.

  1. iProcrastinate

If you are fond of making the lists, then this program will allow you to synchronize nearly all works at a single place. Users need to schedule some priority level and seize up long assignments to a feasible synonym. You can share your task list with many users, and it can be edited many times. It will prove to be an excellent app for group projects.

  1. Dropbox

It is a must-have app, and it comes absolutely free of cost. With the help of this app, you can easily share the videos, photos, documents and other such files with your friends. Users can take help of this file to access their own data. Give it a thought; you won’t need to email yourself a file again.

  1. Keynote

If it’s your turn to lead a discussion or a presentation, worry not about bringing a laptop to school, Keynote is a savior. Just as a mobile PowerPoint, the program will help you in displaying and designing presentation on any of the mobile gadget.

  1. Pocket

Users can keep distractions at bay. Take help of it to bookmark the blogs and web pages that you want to access later on. Its best use it that you can read whatever you like even with no Wi-Fi access.

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