SimpleWall Tool to Block Applications from Using the Internet

A Firewall is one of the important and useful parts of the software that monitors all of the incoming and outgoing network activity. With the help of monitoring, you can set up the rules and make a blocklist to filter network activity. You can block any application or service from accessing the internet. However, Firewalls are not easy to configure and use. This post concern is how to prevent an application from using the internet. To get the answer to this question, an awesome has released among the users that are called SimpleWall tool. It is a super simple tool to set up your Firewall settings.

Although, SimpleWall is not a firewall program; so it uses Windows Filtering Platform under the hood. In other words, it is configuring the Windows Firewall with your settings behind the scenes.

Use of this tool

The use of SimpleWall is very easy. First, you need to confirm the mode that one you want to run in this program. If you are using the whitelist mode, which means only the application you select will be allowed to use the internet. Or if you have chosen the blacklist mode, which would block the applications.

If you want to add any application in this program, then you need to the right click and then select add.

You can also add files, running processes, packages, and services. SimpleWall will show you a list of each of them so that it is the simple tool to add any applications to the program.

  • When you have added the applications, then click on the checkbox corresponding to them to add them to important blocklist or whitelist.
  • Once you have done the adding the applications, then click on the Enable Filtering button to start.
  • It is a suggestion to prevent Windows Firewall if this program is running then SimpleWall will show an option to disable it automatically.
  • After enabled the flirting, no application in the blocked list can access the internet.
  • If any application tries to connect from the internet, you may be notified that with a small notification just above the system tray.
  • The notification will show you more information and provide buttons for related actions.
  • You can allow an application from the notification or continue to block it. Also, you can make an outbound rule for an IP address or port.
  • At last, you can disable notifications for an app completely.

The application comes with a purge option. That place, you can configure a purge timer, and all the unwanted and fake applications will be deleted from SimpleWall in the setup time duration.

Also, there are amazing import or export features available as well. You will be able to export your application list and rules and later import all of them into a different or same computer system. The import or export functionality will help you maintain a set of configurations for various scenarios that you have to face daily. For example, you can make one set of configuration when your kids are using the computer system and the other one when you are using.

The interface is also very simple to use SimpleWall tool. It is providing many highlighting options to highlight various applications such as system, signed the application, windows service, etc. besides this, you can also enable another feature such as Always on top, Load on system startup and Start minimized.

The application is also able to maintain a log for dropped packages that can be accessed at a particular location. Moreover, you will be able to enable notifications for lost packages, and at last, you can customize notification sound and its display timeout.

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