New Digital Privacy Law Passed In California

California took a significant step by passing a law that permits consumers to have insight into the spread of their digital personal information. As the law inspects the data collection companies in the United States, it is an important step to take upon across the country dealing with a very challenging issue of personal information secrecy.

The decision is taken as an initiative to have supervision over technology companies. The State Legislature rushed the bill without any opposition which was signed just before hours of the deadline and brought into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The law will take effect in January 2020, and it will give consumers the right to privacy regarding personal information from technology companies.

It implies that the law gives consumers the right to ask about the information that companies are gathering and with whom they are sharing it. Also, the consumers are now able to direct the companies to delete their information and restrict them from sharing their personal data. As the law relates to the secrecy of consumers, if the technology companies keep violating the law and/or do not follow the regulations by practicing data breach, the user has the right to sue the company.

The law is similar to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation rules, implemented on May 25, allowing the consumers to opt out of their data sharing and restricting the companies to use or store personal data. By opting out, the term refers to an individual who chooses to avoid receiving any unwanted service information.

The new law will dictate the companies to be careful while handling their users’ personal data. It apparently makes a company unable to sell their user’s personal information. Yet, the consumers will be charged by the companies for being opted out of the sale of their personal information, inaugurating new standards like “pay to keep information secret.”

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