Most anticipated Games of 2019 for PC

Gamers and stemmers are hyped for new and upcoming PC games.  Maybe new mode in PUBG or a new edition of Need for Speed is on your wish list for the next game that you need to get your hands on. What lies in 2019 will surely put a smile on every gamer face. Weather noob or pro every player is anticipating that their desired games should have better interaction and graphics controls. The unexpected could happen in 2019, but you can be sure there will be plenty of new games.

Here are few of the much-hyped games for you:

Resident Evil 2

I need not elaborate on the enormous Resident Evil fan base. From movie lovers to the gaming freaks, every one is quite addicted to this apocalyptic zombie game. What you will find different from RE 7 and RE 1 remaster is that all the camera shots are from over-the-shoulder which provides a player with the first-person view. It also has 3D graphics to enhance the player’s in-game experience as compared to pre-rendered graphics in previous variants.  So get hyped for all the new campaigns and be prepared to squash all those zombies on January 25.

Tropico 6

With this new edition to its long chain of island-based games, EI Presidente is ready for a comeback with its unique and latest variant in its series. Tropico 6 will feature government-based island management game, which will let you manage and manipulate multiple islands simultaneously. You can not only construct roads, buildings, and monuments but also can steal monuments from other countries as well. Quite a rough move, but will surely make your island more pleasant.

Doom Eternal

Fasten up your seat belts because you are about to depart for one “Hell of a ride.”  If you are looking for brutal combat game, your search is over as this 2016 reboot of Doom Eternal is going to make your brains explode. The latest version comes with much more user-friendly controls and double the number of demons as compared to its older version. You may find a mega boost in the weapons armory with the inclusion of super shotgun and much more.

Metro Exodus

In the latest Metro Exodus, you will find comparatively more open level series. A user can now travel by train for four seasons to make their gameplay much more challenging in the post-apocalyptic environment. Artyom is presenting this new edition in extension to its previous adventures beneath Moscow.

Dying Light 2

In this choice-based game, a player is the ultimate plot setter, as the outcome of this zombie apocalypse is entirely dependent on the player’s decision during the gameplay. The plotline of this game is created with the help of writer Chris Avellone, who has created the other outcomes in the game depending on the choices made by the player.

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