Know More About Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018

Webroot is a well established brand in the security community. It offers security softwares in three different varieties which are Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, and Internet Security complete. Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018 is a cloud based security solution. It is popular because it is not only lightweight but also very effective. If you have constant and reliable internet connection, then you should go for Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018. Apart from protecting your computer from viruses and malwares, it will also prevent phishing, ransomware, and spyware attacks.  Let us find more about Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018:

Easy Backup and Synchronization

Webroot  Internet Security Complete 2018 has an easy to use online backup system. In order to use it, you have to sing into your Webroot account and then follow the instructions. Once completed, there will be a new folder called Webroot Anywhere. Anything that you put in that folder will automatically sync to the Webroot cloud. The files will be encrypted in order to ensure your data privacy. Your files can also be accessed via other devices. You can also add other sync folder if you wish to sync your personal files from one device to another. There is a default option which archives backup folders daily.


The interface of Webroot is pretty simple and straightforward. Users will not face any difficulty while trying to navigate through Webroot Internet Security Complete. On the right side, there is a column which has all the options for security and scanning. If you wish to turn off real time protection, then you can simply do it by hitting the switch.


Apart from protection against virus and malware, Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018 has additional features to ensure online security. There is a browser extension which sends out warnings if you try to visit a potentially malicious website which may infect your system or steal your personal data. This feature offers protection against phishing and malware attacks. This extension has an icon which turns green when you visit safe website and yellow when you visit suspicious websites. Moreover, this security package comes equipped with password and mobile protection.

System analysis and optimization

Webroot is a very lightweight security application. It doesn’t slow down the day by day computer use nor does it deteriorate the system performance.  It does not hog up much space on the hard drive. Only one megabyte is needed to when it is installed. Webroot makes the computer faster and more efficient. It has tools for optimization and system analysis. Optimizing tool scans for useless files and traces which a hacker may use to know more about your browsing details. The system analyzer tool inspects the software, hardware, and security status.

If you need help with Webroot antivirus activation or you need to resolve Webroot antivirus related errors then contact the Webroot antivirus support. The Webroot Antivirus Customer care team fixes technical issues and gives step by step instructions regarding installation, activation, and downloading of Webroot antivirus. You can call on the Webroot support toll-free number which is open 24/7.

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