How to Fix Webroot Authentication and 1308 Error?

Webroot Inc., is an internet security services provider for businesses and consumers. The company introduced antivirus protection with the Webroot Antivirus followed by launch of the Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware and Desktop Firewall with added firewall protection feature. The company achieved success with launch of the Webroot Mobile Security for Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. The application software was basically designed to protect against viruses from apps and against the threats created when mobile devices are lost. The SecureAnywhere products and mobile security offerings were expanded to include the iOS mobile operating system after their tremendous success. Webroot also had the worst results out of 20 products tested by AV-Comparatives in the September 2012 File Detection Test of Malicious Software, both in terms of malware detection rates and false alarms.

Webroot strives to ensure friendly experience of its customers in installing or uninstalling their softwares, but occasionally errors do occur. The following information may help users if they receive such errors.

Trouble faced in installing or uninstalling Webroot programs

It is recommended that certain errors related to install or uninstall can be resolved by either uninstalling any previously installed Webroot security software or by running specialized cleanup utilities first and then reinstalling it.

The following are recommended steps to be followed:

  • For Windows XP

Step 1: Click on the Start button and open the Control Panel.
Step 2: Select “Add or Remove Programs”, and then select the ‘Webroot’ security product from the list and click ‘Remove’.
Step 3: Restart computer after the uninstall is complete.

    • For Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Step 1: Click on the Start button and open the Control Panel.
Step 2: Double-click on either “Uninstall a Program” or “Programs and Features” whichever appears.
Step 3: From the list, select the ‘Webroot’ security product and click ‘Uninstall’.
Step 4: After the uninstall is complete, restart the computer.
Another common error incurred with the Webroot program appears as follows:

“error: Authentication with WebRoot Failed in iprep.log”
The main cause of the problem is associated with the Netscaler Not storing credentials. It is recommended that the users upgrade the Netscaler to Version 11.0 build or Version 11.1 build In order to get the authentication done to WebRoot properly the below-mentioned parameters should be passed:
Here device_id should be sysid and user_id is S/N:
Sys_id comes from “show ns hardware”

And lastly, an issue with the Webroot Anywhere Anti-Virus Software is discussed. Many users come across the 1308 error with the AcInetEngineps20.dll When installing Autodesk software and on navigating to the folder the file already exists. In this case, users are recommended to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Delete the following folder: C:\Autodesk.
Step 2: Re-download the software as a browser download.  You will need to re-extract the software with Anti-virus software off [Webroot SecureAnywhere].
Step 3:  Exit the installation.
Step 4:  Right Mouse click on C:\Autodesk folder > Properties and change the permissions to Full control.
Step 5: Confirm that Webroot SecureAnywhere Anti-Virus has been disabled.
Step 6: Run the Setup.exe > Right Mouse Click > Run as Administrator.

If issue still persist after following these steps, you may please contact 24/7 Webroot Support for further assistance.

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