Five Kinds of Cyber Security Attacks

Just like people keep on developing new apps and special security systems, in the similar way there are people who keep on creating new viruses. These people never use the same kind of virus twice, as they have innovative minds. There are different ways in which the hackers implement cyber hacking. Some hackers want data while the others just have to make money. Malware and vectors are the most common type of cyber attacks.  Some others are:- Brute force attack, cyber fraud, and DDoS.

  1. Malware: Once the malware is introduced into the system, it will cause high damage by erasing all the information stored in hardware. It usually targets people who are not well versed with the IT and pay less attention towards the corrupt files.
  2. Vectors: Used to gain access to the system and the networks to contaminate the computer with stolen data. They can be categorized into three main categories such as social engineering, pharming, and phishing. All three are used to gain access to the information through deceived ways mainly by manipulating the viewers, just one wrong move and the information is leaked.
  3. Brute force attack: It usually attacks a password protection mechanism. It uses some specially designed software to attack the passwords and crack them. They manage to go to every word in the dictionary to access the password.
  4. Cyber fraud: It occurs on a daily basis covering a wide range of activities such as bullying, stealing bank account numbers, stealing individual identity, Even terrorist attacks can take place due to this. Planned bullying is the main part of it.
  5. DDoS ( Distributed Denial of service attack): Must have experienced the server being overloaded with connections with the ultimate aim of shutting down the system, this is done deliberately to dislocate the system, hence making the work impossible.

It’s mandatory to protect your system from these cyber attacks with the available antivirus software in the market, specially designed to save your system from the organized cybercriminals.

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