Different Methods for Arranging Pictures in Google Photos

In Google Photos you can arrange your pictures in albums. Albums have the storage of your images. You can organize pictures in albums in Google Photos. You can add, edit, or delete your pictures from an album folder at any time.

Here are the methods for arranging pictures in Google Photos:

Making an Album Folder

To put your pictures and videos in order, try to classify them into albums folder in your device. On a web browser, you can use Google Photos application.

  • Make a new album.

The given steps are slightly different depending on your device:

  • Web: Press the plus symbol next to the search column and choose “Album option. Your all the pictures will come,
  • Mobile: Press the square icon and then choose “Album”. Now you will get a list of all of your pictures, with the symbol of the circle at the top of the screen.
  • Tap or press the circle to choose a picture.

This step will add the photos to the album folder. You can choose multiple images as per your wish.

  •    See the steps of adding pictures to your album to know how you can add remaining pictures later.
  • Click “Create” for mobile, and press “Next” for the web.

Here you will get a text column that labeled as an “Untitled” at the top of the contents of the album.

  • Type a name for the album folder.

You can name the album anything you like. If you share your pictures with others with the help of Google Photos sharing tools, then everyone can see your name.

  • Press or click the text tool to type a description.

You will find this at the top of the display. As an album title, only you can see that title instead of everyone.

  • Press or click the check mark to save.

Your album is now visible to everyone.

  •    To see a list of all of your albums when you again log in, press or hit the Albums icon at the bottom of the application, and on the left corner of the site. On the top of the edge, the icon looks like a square with a bookmark on it.

Getting Photos to an Album

  • Go to the Google Photos. You can use this method with both the application for phone gadget and hit http://photos.google.com
  • Press or click the Albums icon.

It is at the end of the phone application, and on the left corner of the site. The icon resembles a square with a bookmark at its upper edge. A list of your album will come, only press or click once.

  • If you are not able to see any album, you will need to make one first.
  • Press or click an album to change.

The current contents of the album will show up.

  • Press or click the Add Photo icon.

You will get this on the top of the display, and it shows as a picture with a plus symbol. Now you will get a list of all of your photos, with the symbol of the circle at the top of the screen.

  • Press or click to choose a photo.

When you choose a photo, the circle symbol at its upper corner will change to a check mark. All pictures with a check mark will be in your album. You can select multiple images as you want.

  • Press or click “Done”.

This will be on the top corner of the display. The pictures you have chosen will be moved to your album.

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